Put your Art at the Center of the Conversation!

Purpose is all…

My fundamental belief is that a great actor can and should be a great person.  That acting necessitates compassion and humility; and the journey through its art and industry, offer an opportunity for self emergence and mastery unlike anything else.  As such, ZBS offers not only unique classes for youth and adults by master teachers in Audition Technique, Scene Study, Dramatic Improv, Activist Oriented Production, Singing and Songwriting and Spiritual Centering for the Actor, but a compass to navigate an often difficult industry, as well membership to a thriving artistic community.  A community that values artistic excellence, industry success, personal integrity and social responsibility.  Taking classes at ZBS includes admission to our institute’s community sponsored workshops and panel discussions that seek to evolve the craft of acting, as well as heighten the dialogue between activist, spiritual and entertainment leaders.


It looks something like this…

In addition to weekly classes for actors of all ages, we offer:

  • Special Guest Workshops by Industry Leaders
  • An Institute for Professionals to Discuss Craft, Spirituality and Social Justice Issues
  • Singing and Songwriting Classes
  • International Acting/Filmmaking/Service Exchanges for Youth and Adult Actors.
  • National and International Seminars and Workshops
  • Private Coaching on Audition
  • Role Prep
  • Independent Film, Television, Web Productions and Social Media Platforms.




ZBS Curriculum

The ZBS curriculum is unique in its structure, content and intent, bringing together some of the most renowned and inspired teachers in the industry to do what it is they do best, teaching each student as an ensemble. With a combined half century of teaching experience at some of the most illustrious acting institutions in Hollywood (and the world), the ZBS faculty puts the student at the center of a process and community in which their unique self, artistry and career can fully emerge. Classes for ages 10 through adult.  Payment for an individual class also includes access to free master class seminars, screenings and events that make studying at ZBS a multidimensional learning environment and community.  

Audition Classes

While the audition classes do address the realities and technicality of auditioning in Hollywood, the process allows for a very specific and 3-dimensional development of the whole actor, aiding the student in their work in any context.
Audition I: CORE
In the “Core” course, we begin our process with the most essential (and difficult) step. Developing the ability to access and reveal the students’ experience of themselves fully in the present moment in imaginary circumstances. Every class is on camera, and moves through a number of genres, however the emphasis is always on the authentic self.  In this class students will learn how to deepen their experience to environment, relationship, personalization, and moment before using their imagination, senses, and personal experience.  Students can expect to develop a strong barometer for knowing when they are connected, what may be standing in their way in any given moment, as well as develop tools to get them more present.  Each student is assessed after 4 weeks, if they should continue on that course, or move on to the next.  This class has open enrollment, meaning a student can register at any time.
Audition II: CRAFT
The “Craft” course builds off the foundation laid in the “Core” class, but sparks a deeper investigation into the actor, character, and writer’s intent.  Building off the assumption that every character and story that ever existed already exists inside of you, the script becomes a roadmap to discovering where your soul meets the characters.  A different kind of text analysis ensues, where you work from a deeply experienced sense of the writer’s intent.  A deep understanding of how the writing works to inspire the actor’s soul is covered in a variety of genres: single and three cam sitcom, procedural and serial drama, feature comedy and drama and horror.  Additionally, issues of tone/style, and the basics of dramatic structure will be covered, helping the student understand their purpose in the overall story and how to access various colors in their imagination.  This class has open enrollment, meaning a student can register at any time.  Evaluations are made every 4 weeks to determine if the student has shown competency to move on to the next step.
Audition III: MASTER
The Master class is a 12-13 week course that deepens the foundation laid in the truth and craft courses, with the attention to two interrelated elements: the evolution of self and creative inspiration and commitment.  Now that students have developed a strong understanding of how to be truthful and connected within the context of a number of genres, the attention to each student’s individual strengths and areas of development becomes more specific.  Students are given outside work in addition to working on the sides themselves that include readings, meditation, journaling, etc.  This is where we begin to see someone’s unique voice really emerge. Students spend 2 weeks on each audition side, one as a cold read and the next as a callback.  The material and subject matter constantly evolve with the group, making this course repeatable indefinitely.
Which Audition class should I take?
The Audition classes are designed to work cumulatively at first, and then in collaboration. Each class does build/lead to the next, with teacher approval being necessary in order to go onto the next step. However, students may request or the teacher may suggest, the student review a few weeks in an earlier class in order to deepen their ability/awareness in a particular area (ex. a student in “master” may need to review sitcom in “Craft” or reconnect for a couple of weeks in the “Core” class).  As we recognize a mastery of all of these steps is necessary, an ongoing relationship to all of them is essential. Also, this allows the teachers to be in consistent dialogue about each student, making it that the student is really taught by an ensemble.  
Can I take multiple classes at the same time?
All of the Audition classes can be taken concurrently with the “Scene Study” class and are designed to do so.
It is possible for students to take more than one Audition class at the same time, only AFTER they have passed that level.  For instance, a student who has reached the level of “CRAFT” can choose to take the “CORE” class at the same time, but a student who has not yet passed the “CORE” class, cannot take the “CRAFT” Class.  


Scene Study: Master
Renowned celebrity acting coach Martha Gehman leads this  class.  In it she focuses on using what is unique about you to personalize your work and bring the material to life.  This sensory based scene study class will deepen your instrument and excite your imagination, as you learn to bring your whole self to the journey of acting.


If a prospective student would like to audit a class please email us at studio@zakbarnett.com and provide the following information.
-REP (if any)
A representative from ZBS will contact you and schedule an audit time.  We do allow our audits to work in class as time allows.  There is a $30.00 audit fee that can be paid by cash or check prior to the audit.