Put your Art at the Center of the Conversation!

Purpose is all…

My fundamental belief is that a great actor can and should be a great person.  That acting necessitates compassion and humility; and the journey through its art and industry, offer an opportunity for Self Emergence and Mastery unlike anything else.  As such, ZBS offers not only unique classes for Youth and Adults by Master Teachers in Audition Technique, Scene Study, Dramatic Improv, Activist Oriented Production, Singing and Songwriting and Spiritual Centering for the Actor, but a compass to navigate an often difficult industry, as well membership to a thriving artistic community.  A community that values Artistic Excellence, Industry Success, Personal Integrity and Social Responsibility.  Taking classes at ZBS includes admission to our Institute’s community sponsored workshops and panel discussions that seek to evolve the Craft of Acting, as well as heighten the dialogue between Activist, Spiritual and Entertainment Leaders.


It looks something like this…

In addition to weekly classes for actors of all ages, we offer:

  • Special guest workshops by Industry Leaders
  • An Institute for Professionals to Discuss Craft, Spirituality and Social Justice Issues
  • Singing and Songwriting classes
  • International Acting/Filmmaking/Service Exchanges for Youth and Adult Actors.
  • National and International Seminars and Workshops
  • Private Coaching on Audition
  • Role Prep
  • Independent Film, Television, Web Productions and Social Media Platforms.